Monday, November 19, 2012

Refuge of Light + Birthday Boy+Chalk Board Signs :)

Soooo this week was pretty nuts. My sons birthday was on saturday ( he turned 2 :)!)

Look at that sweet little face :)!! We did a veggie tales Birthday and so I made him a chalk board sign. This season Im featuring custom chalkboards so hop on over to my Pinterest board and check them out. Would love to create one for you!

  I also had several works due this week for clients. HOWEVER I did get to create a piece for donation for the Refuge of Light art show. Refuge of Light is an organization that works to fight human trafficking. 
Here is the piece I created for them. 

Was SO STOKED that it sold! The text in the image is hard to read from the scan. In the background are facts I wrote about human trafficking ( like the average age a girl is sold into sex trafficking is 12 years!! And 25 % of those who are victims of trafficking are U.S. citizens. ) Underneath the drawing of the little girl are scriptures about freedom, healing and Jesus setting prisoners free.  I learned so much about human trafficking while researching to create the piece. Please check out the Refuge of light website if you are interested with  getting involved with the movement that is fighting this crime .
.....ALSO , Im currently taking orders for portraits for christmas. Portraits are great and timeless gifts . I work from your photos, or if you are local we can do a sitting where I take photos to work from. Email me if you are interested and I can give you more information:) 

Friday, November 9, 2012

Chalk Design Boards

Hello friends!!
Its obviously been forever again since I posted (Per my usual time lapse between entries). I have so much work to post :) But for now here is a little tid bit of some thing new I am doing for the holidays.
These are mini chalkboard designs I have for sale. They can be personalized ( family initial, quote you like etc.) . These have been so fun to create and I hope you enjoy looking through them!

                                                           these are all 8 1/2 x 11

This one is quit large, 2x4 feet. This image is one of the design in progress. Wish I could've got an image of the completed piece but you just have to use your imagination :)